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Executive Board
Committee Leads

Executive Board


Michelle Langham Robinson

Jameka Golden Adenuga
Financial Secretary

Janeal Perry


Cindy Givens
First Vice President


Alexis McCoy

Tara Lockett
Executive Board Chair



Lydia Thacker 

Second Vice President


Dr. Cherlisa Jackson
Internal Communications

Jamie Jones
Third Vice President


Shakera Patrick

Thelma Lester
Charter Member


Carolyn Booker


Carla Zachery

Cornelia Glass-Harvey
Charter Member

Contessa Paige


Marea White


Committee Leads

Membership Intake, Embellishment and Ceremonies
Janiene King, Chair
Cindy Givens, Co-Chair

Tina Dawson, Chair

Cheryl Johnson, Chair
Renee Robinson, Co-Chair

Carla Zachery, Chair
Dr. Mildred McCoy, Co-Chair

Ora Bolton, Chair

Doves Liaison

Life Members Liaison

Legacy Club

Chapter Retreat

Zeta Academy
Candice E. Williams-Hickman, Lead

Dr. Lena Harris, Chair

Joyce & Willisha Davidson, Chairs
Terri Coleman-Randolph & Kerri Coleman-Benton, Co-Chairs

Lydia Thacker, Chair

Ollienia Holloway, Director
Dr. Tiawana Ford, Co-Director

Undergraduate and Chapter Auxiliaries
Undergraduate Committee

Amicae Sponsors

Zeta Male Network

Zeta Youth Auxiliary
Jamie Jones, Chair
Dr. Mildred McCoy, Lead
Carcel Surratt, Co-Lead


Carolyn Booker, Lead
Felecia Madison, Lead

Carolyn Booker, Lead

Angela Jackson, Lead

Scholarship and Community Service
Z-HOPE Coordinator

ZSMS Coordinator

Z-HOPE Youth

Z-HOPE Women


Z-HOPE Seniors

Stork's Nest

Mental Health & Domestic Violence

Social Action & Social Justice

Autism Acceptance
Stephanie Mitchell, Lead

Simone Smith, Lead

Dianne Williams, Chair
Felecia Madison, Co-Chair

Bridgette Allen, Chair


Deadrea Miller, Chair

Julie Doar-Sinkfield, Chair

Dr. Cherlisa Jackson, Chair
Dr. Kristen Ramey, Co-Chair

Jamie Jones, Chair
Erany Robinson, Co-Chair

Tyosha Moley, Chair


Fundraising & Grant Writing

Pearlz in the Wild

Walks Coordinator

Lupus Walk Rep

St Jude Walk Rep

ACS Breast Cancer Walk Rep

Autism Speaks Walk Rep

March for Babies Walk Rep

Relay for Life Walk

Tyesha Gray, Chair
Tanga Ford, Co-Chair

Lydia Thacker, Chair
Sue Beavers-Harris, Co-Chair

Felecia Madison, Chair
Dr. Mildred McCoy, Co-Chair

Hermelyn Latouche
Hermelyn Latouche

Hermelyn Latouche

Jasmin Meadows

Tyosha Mobley

Nicole Hubbard

Hermelyn Latouche

Chapter Operations
Assistant Secretary

Assistant Treasurer

Assistant Financial Secretary


Assistant Chaplain

Special Advisor to the Executive Board

Internal Audit

Erany Robinson

Sue Beavers-Harris

Krishna Cabine

Karen Smith-Burke

Shaw Afful

Candice E. Williams-Hickman

Ivory Burden, Chair
Jenelsia Belt, Co-Chair
Parliamentary & Bylaws Committee

Emergency Medical Response

Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Social Media

Protocols & Amenities

Alexis McCoy
Karen Smith-Burke

Karen McMillan, Chair
Tara Blair, Co-Chair

Crystal Bogues, Chair
Kelly Ellis, Co-Chair

Galatia Everette, Chair

Carcel Surratt, Chair
Dana Scott, Chair
Janeal Perry, Co-Chair

Signature Program Chairs and External Organization Representatives
Metro Atlanta Joint Sigma Zeta Founders' Day Representative

NPHC Representative
Janeal Perry

Kandace Williams
Kim Harrison Johnson, Chair
Marea White, Co-Chair

Meshea Web, Chair
Tara Lockett, Co-Chair

Hermelyn LaTouche, Chair
Alicia Adamson, Co-Chair